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Did you know that butterflies taste with their feet? So that means butterflies must taste some nasty stuff haha. Read more on butterflies at Enchanted Learning

Did you know that astronauts cant burp in space? Hmm, i wonder if they can fart? haha. To learn more about America's space program visit theNASA website

Did you know that the average iceberg weighs about 20,000,000 tons, wow! The Titanic didnt stand a chance! To learn more about icebergs and how we can save them from global warming and climate change visit NRDC.org

Did you know that crocodiles cannot stick their tongue out? That doesnt mean they cant smile though! To find out more about american crocodiles at National Geographic

Here's a trivia list of some celebrities who were pranked by Ashton Kutcher on MTV's Punk'd

To learn more about punked celebrities visit this page!